Ann Joo Integrated Steel Sdn Bhd


Ann Joo Integrated Steel Sdn Bhd (AJIS) incorporated in the year 2007, is primarily engaged in the manufacturing and trading of iron, steel and steel related products. The iron-making plant with an annual capacity of 500,000 metric tonnes is commissioned in year 2011 and consists of a 450m3 Blast Furnace and 75m2 Sinter Plant. It is the first modern Blast Furnace (BF) in Malaysia and is also the first and only in Southeast Asia combining the technology of BF and Electric Arc Furnace (EAF). The hybrid technology via hot metal charging into the EAF enables the manufacturing of high grade and engineering grade steel products of higher purity at a competitive cost besides achieving higher steel output, yield and substantial savings in electricity consumption. Balance of hot metal from BF will be casted into pig iron in the pig iron casting machine for own consumption or sale.

The by-products of hot metal have various uses. For instance, molten slag is granulated and are sold as raw materials to a few industries. The off-gas produced from the BF is directed to the Top Gas Pressure Recovery Turbine to generate electricity for the plant and the reduced-pressured BF gas is channeled to the sinter plant, rolling mills and hot blast stove as fuel medium to substitute natural gas.