Dato’ Lim Hong Thye

Age 42 Years, Male, Malaysian – Group Managing Director

Date of Appointment

  • 1 January 2003
  • 30 June 2008 – Group Managing Director

Dato’ Lim Hong Thye joined the Company in August 2000.
Prior to that, he was with the Assurance & Advisory Service
Unit of Price Waterhouse and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.
Dato’ Lim was an Executive Director in Ann Joo Steel
Berhad (“AJSB”) since 15 January 2004 and move on
to be its President on 18 February 2004. Under the
management of Dato’ Lim, Ann Joo Resources Berhad
Group progressed tremendously to become the leading
steel group in Malaysia. His brainchild of a Mini Blast
Furnace to integrate iron and steel production has
transformed AJSB to be one of the most efficient steel
mills in Southeast Asia and positioned the Group in the
forefront as a cost-efficient producer.

Dato’ Lim is currently the Group Managing Director of
AJSB and sits on the Board of several private limited
companies. He is the Deputy President of Malaysian Iron
& Steel Industry Federation and Honorary Treasurer of the
Malaysia Steel Association.

Dato’ Lim holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting
and Finance) from The University of Melbourne. He is a
Chartered Accountant (CA) of The Malaysian Institute of
Accountants (MIA) and a Certified Practising Accountant
(CPA) of Australian Society of CPAs.

Dato’ Lim is the son of major shareholder, Mr Lim Seng
Qwee and the brother to the Non-Independent Non-
Executive Director, Mr Lim Hong Hock. He has no conflict
of interest with the Company and no convictions for
offences within the past 5 years, nor any public sanction or
penalty imposed by regulatory bodies during the financial